EMX 65 / EMX 85 and EMX Women’ European Championship

EEMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship – Central Europe zone
EMX Women’ European Championship

With the event in Vel’ké Uherce, Slovakia, the EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship – Central Europe zone raced its fourth and last round.

In EMX65 another amazing success for the British Harry Dale (KTM), who took his seventh and eighth victory in a row. 200 full points made him the best rider of the Central Europe zone. In Slovakia he won ahead of German Luca Nierychlo (Husqvarna), second and third, and Brian Gzles (KTM), fifth and second. The fourth overall position in Vel’ké Uherce and 38 points make Kenzo Jaspers (GasGas) grab the second in the standings, while Nierychlo is third.

In EMX85 the races and the zone leadership were very disputed. Dean Gregoire (KTM) won Race 1, while Dex Van Den Broek (KTM) ruled Race 2 after the third position in the first heat. Double second for Jarne Bervoets (KMT), who with a total of 172 points is the best rider of the Central Europe zone. Second place in the standings for Dani Heitink (Husqvarna), ahead of Gregoire.

EMX65 top three
1. Hary Dale, GBR
2. Luca Nierychlo, GER
3. Brian Gzles, GBR

EMX85 top three
1. Dex Kooiker, NED
2. Jame Bervoets, BEL
3. Moritz Ernecker, BEL

Fifth round of the season for the EMX Women’ European Championship.
Lotte Van Drunnen (Kawasaki) is keeping on ruling the series. In Slovakia the Dutch signed her ninth and tenth success, once more ahead of Mathea Selebo (Yamaha), second, and Elena Kapsamer (GasGas), third.
In EMX Women 125cc Lucy Barker (KTM) scored her fifth overall victory, always ahead of Swedish rider Tyra Bäckström (GasGas). Third position for Elsa Andersson Löf (KTM).

EMX Women top three
1. Lotte Van Drunnen, NED
2. Mathea Selebø, NOR
3. Elena Kapsamer, AUT

EMX Women 125cc top three
1. Lucy Barker, GBR
2.Tyra Bäckström, SWE
3. Elsa Andersson Löf, SWE

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