EMX 65 / EMX 85 and EMX Women’ European Championship

EMX 65 / EMX 85 and EMX Women’ European Championship

The EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship – North Europe zone and EMX Women’ European Championship were back in action in Olecko, in north-eastern Poland, for their second and third round.

In EMX65 ruled the Estonian riders. Overall win for Theo Lolts (GasGas) thanks to a double second position. 22 + 22 points were enough for him to grab the first step of the podium ahead of Gregor Lootus (KTM) and Robin Robert Mooses (Husqvarna), who both took a win and a third place.

In EMX85 another amazing triumph for Estonian rider Travis Leok (Husqvarna), who took the first step of the overall podium with a majestic double win. Another second overall position for Lucas Leok (Husqvarna), who finished in P2 both in race 1 and race 2. Fight for the third place between the Polish Michal Psiuk (KTM) and Latvian rider Jekabs Hudolejs (GasGas) with a third and fourth position each.

In the EMX Women’ European Championship the Dutch Lotte Van Drunnen (Kawasaki) took the sixth win in a row and the third overall win of the season after the successes in Slagelse and Prisannewitz. Behind, another second position for Mathea Selebo (Yamaha) and third for Alexandra Massury (KTM). In EMX Women 125cc Lucy Barker (KTM) scored her third victory ahead of Swedish rider Tyra Bäckström (GasGas) and Elsa Andersson Löf (KTM).

EMX65 top three
1. Theo Lolts, EST
2. Gregor Lootus, EST
3. Robin Robert Mooses, EST

EMX85 top three
1. Travis Leok, EST
2. Lucas Leok, EST
3. Michal Psiuk, POL

EMX Women top three
1. Lotte Van Drunnen, NED
2. Mathea Selebø, NOR
3. Alexandra Massury, GER

EMX Women 125cc top three
1. Lucy Barker, GBR
2.Tyra Bäckström, SWE
3. Elsa Andersson Löf, SWE


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