EMX 65 – 85 European Championship: South East zone

EMX 65 – 85 European Championship: South East zone

Second round for the EMX 65 – 85 European Championship: South East zone in Ciolpani, Romania.
A beautiful sunny weather was the background for the battles for the top position in EMX 65 and EMX 85 classes.

EMX 65
In race1 qualifying winner Sami Dimitru took the hole shot and didn’t let anyone come close to him till the chequered flag. Behind him Georgi Ginov and Efe Okur fought for the second position and at the end Okur managed to finished second.
Race2 was a copy with Dimitru ruler and winner, while this time Ginov succeeded to get the second position ahead of Okur.

EMX 85
In race1 poleman Dani Tsankov started taking the lead but he crashed at the end of the first lap. Ferenc Orlov took the first position followed by Ventislav Toshev, second, and Dani Tsankov, third.
In race2 Orlov immediately took the lead, conquering a clear win. Second position for Ventislav Toshev and third for Dani Tsankov.


EMX85 Overall
1. Ferenc Orlov, Hungary
2. Ventislav Toshev, Bulgaria
3. Dani Tsankov, Bulgaria

EMX65 Overall
1. Sami Dumitru, Romania
2. Georgi Ginov, Bulgaria
3. Efe Okur, Turkey

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