EMX 65 and 85 NE Zone at Stelpe (Latvia) – Day1

The second round of the EMX65 and 85 NE Zone is taking place this weekend at Stelpe, in Latvia. The Day1 was on stage with Summer temperatures on the very nice and well-prepared track of Piladzu-Mototrase. Of the 73 riders registered, 64 were present, 32 in the 65cc class and 32 in the 85cc class. Through constant irrigation, the riders found very good track conditions.

The qualifying race in EMX 85cc saw Edvards Bizans from Latvia winning after a tough fight in the final lap with Martin Michels from Estonia, who finished second. The third place went to Karli Alberts Resulis from Latvia.
In the qualifying race of the class EMX 65cc Semen Rybakov from Russia was the first below the checkered flag ahead of Janis Martins Reisulis and Tomass Saicans both from Latvia.
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