EMX 250 European Championship and EMX Open European Championship: the Dutch rule in Oss as Elzinga and De Waal win in EMX

EMX 250 European Championship and EMX Open European Championship:
the Dutch rule in Oss as Elzinga and De Waal win in EMX

Saturday’s race action in Oss is done and dusted with Dutch riders Rick Elzinga from TBS Conversions KTM Racing Team and Micha-Boy De Waal of No Fear/Jumbo BT Racing Team victorious in the EMX250 and EMX Open categories.
Both riders were met by an eager Dutch crowd who urged them on from start to finish as they craved their way through the sand on their way to victory.

EMX 250 European Championship
In the opening EMX250 race it was SM Action Racing Team YUASA Battery’s Kevin Horgmo who was the early race leader before crashing, which allowed Fantic Factory Team Maddii’s Nicholas Lapucci, Jorgen-Mathias Talviku of No Fear/Jumbo BT Racing Team, Yago Martinez from Team VRT Nordpesca Holland, Elzinga and Dave Kooiker of Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing through, among others, as the Norwegian dropped to 8th.
Talviku and Elzinga then had a close battle for second, as the Dutchman went through on the Estonian and then the Husqvarna rider came under more pressure this time from Martinez who was also able to pass him. Talviku later crashed in the race a couple of times to finish the race ninth.
Everts was having a good ride as he made his way into the top five, though after an unlucky crash dropped down the order but was eventually to pick himself back up and finish the race inside the top five.
On lap 7 Elzinga was able to get around Lapucci for the lead as Kooiker lost quite a few positions and dropped down to sixth, allowing the likes of Horgmo, Martinez, Hutten Metaal Yamaha Racing’s Andrea Bonacorsiand Liam Everts of KTM Liamski through.
While it looked like Elzinga was on track to take a race win, Lapucci caught him out on the final lap to take back first position and go on to win the race ahead of the Dutchman, with Horgmo finishing third.
In race two, it was Lapucci who took the holeshot as Talviku quickly took the lead away from the Italian. The Estonian then crashed out of first place, with Lapucci forced off track due to the incident, and as a result lost valuable positions as he re-joined in 7th.
Team VRT Nordpesca Holland’s Davide Braceras then assumed first place, as Everts sensed the perfect opportunity to go after his first EMX250 race win. By lap three Everts was the new race leader, as Elzinga and Lapucci made their way back up to the leaders.
Elzinga then passed Lapucci, Bonacorsi and Braceras in one lap as Everts extended his lead to 4 seconds over Kooiker and Elzinga. Elzinga then got himself into second, as Lapucci worked his way up to third and then it was game on as Elzinga and Lapucci battled it out.
In the final laps of the race the pair caught onto the back of Everts who started to make mistakes under pressure and on the final lap, Elzinga was able to take the lead, as Everts successfully defended second place from Lapucci.
Elzinga was the race winner, with Everts second and Lapucci third. The same three riders took to the podium, with Elzinga taking the victory on home soil, with Lapucci second overall and Everts making his first EMX250 podium appearance in third.
Lapucci now leads the championship with a 17-point advantage over Horgmo, as Bonacorsi sits third.

EMX250 – Overall Top 10 Classification: 1. Rick Elzinga (NED, KTM), 47 points; 2. Nicholas Lapucci (ITA, FAN), 45 p.; 3. Liam Everts (BEL, KTM), 38 p.; 4. Andrea Bonacorsi (ITA, YAM), 36 p.; 5. Kevin Horgmo (NOR, GAS), 36 p.; 6. Dave Kooiker (NED, YAM), 30 p.; 7. Yago Martinez (ESP, KTM), 26 p.; 8. Rasmus Hakansson (SWE, HUS), 22 p.; 9. Cornelius Toendel (NOR, YAM), 19 p.; 10. Kjell Verbruggen (NED, KTM), 18 p.

EMX Open European Championship

As the gate dropped for the first EMX Open race, it was De Waal who took the lead from the get-go, as Nicholas Dercourt of Honda ST Motoblouz followed behind.
Former MXGP rider, Ken De Dycker got a good start and was inside the top five, before getting himself into second behind De Waal. The race leader, De Waal, then continued to stretch out his lead lap-by-lap, setting consistent lap times throughout the entire race.
Dercourt then pushed De Dycker to third, as De Waal extended his lead to 9.484 seconds and remained the fastest rider on track by almost 2 seconds compared to the riders behind him.
Davide De Bortoli was fighting his way through the field as he got around Joel Van Mechelen for fourth place. In the end De Waal was the race winner with Dercourt second and De Dycker finishing third.
In race two it was once again De Waal who took the holeshot after the race was re-started due to a false start. De Waal led the way with De Bortoli, Dercourt, Simeo Ubach of 137 KTM Motorsport and Simone Crocirounding out the top five on the opening lap.
De Dycker was down in 10th and had to work hard to make his way through the field, but eventually fell down to 12th where he finished the second heat.
Much like the first race, De Waal led from start to finish, while De Bortoli worked hard to keep Dercourt behind him, as the pair finished the race second and third. In the end it was De Waal who was the overall round winner in front of his home crowd, securing his team their first overall win, as Dercourt placed second overall and De Bortoli was third on the podium.
De Court now takes the championship lead, with De Bortoli four points behind him in second and De Waal sitting in third.

EMXOpen – Overall Top 10 Classification: 1. Micha-Boy De Waal (NED, HUS), 50 points; 2. Nicolas Dercourt (FRA, HON), 42 p.; 3. Davide De Bortoli (ITA, HON), 40 p.; 4. Simeo Ubach (ESP, HUS), 31 p.; 5. Kay Ebben (NED, KTM), 31 p.; 6. Ken de Dycker (BEL, KAW), 29 p.; 7. Simone Croci (ITA, HUS), 26 p.; 8. Joel Van Mechelen (NED, KTM), 26 p.; 9. James Dunn (GBR, KAW), 21 p.; 10. Mike Bolink (NED, KTM), 20 p.

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