EMX 125 European Championship

EMX 125 European Championship:
first for Mathis Valin

The first round of the EMX125 presented by FMF took place in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, and it was 737 Performers GASGAS’s Mathis Valin who clinched the victory with a strong performance throughout the whole round.


MJC Yamaha Team’s Janis Martin Reisulis took the lead from the first lap in front of Mathis Valin as the youngsters found themselves making a good gap with the rest of the riders. Valin managed to stay in touching distance with race Reisulis for few laps but the leader increased the gap to 5 seconds to keep his distance and not get under pressure by Valin until the end. Reisulis won the race while Valin settled for a solid 2nd place after showing very good speed over the race.

Behind them we thought that the 3rd place was promised to Fantic Maddii Factory Racing‘s Maximilian Werner as he was 3rd from lap 1 until 2 laps to go on lap 13. He had to resist to some attacks from Alfio Pulvirenti and Alban Alm successively. Unfortunately for the young German, a costly mistake on lap 13 saw him move down to 7th in the end. Alm benefitted from Werner’s crash as he marked his comeback from 12th on lap 1 to 3rd in the end. Pulvirenti was unfortunate as he was 4th until lap 3 when he crashed to move down to 35th.

Vitezslav Marek rode strongly to go up the rank as he managed to go from 6th on lap 1 to finish 4th in the end as he capitalised on some crashes and mistakes in front of him. The promising Elias Escandell from Fantic Maddii Factory Racing is another rider who had to work hard as he gained 6 positions throughout the race. Going from 11 after an average start to steadily find his rhythm and finish 5th.

Fredsoe started well as he got himself to 5th after the first lap and even managed to get to 4th following Pulivirenti’s misfortune.



WZ Racing Team’s Gyan Doensen got off the gate leading the way but had Reisulis quickly overtook him. Still in the first lap Valin passed Doensen for 2nd. In the remake of race 1 Reisulis and Valin got the better of the rest after 1 lap and started to make a consequent gap. Valin started to chase after Reisulis, clocking the fastest lap early on.

Reisulis, after a scare on lap 2, did really loose the control of his bike on lap 4 and moved down to 7th. Valin would keep his composure until the end to win the race. Reisulis finished in the at the 11th place.

Doensen also stayed strong to keep the 2nd place until the end even if he had to show his skill to stay in front of Escandell mid-race and also Marek in last laps. Marek finished 3rd after a strong performance today and great comeback coming from 7th after lap 1. Escandell had to settle for 4th giving him good point for the overall.

Behind them Salvini passed lap 1 on 5th place and remained there until the end. Noel Zannocz started well as he found himself 6th after lap 1 although he had to battle with Marek who passed him on lap 3. He then benefitted from Reisulis’s fall to get back up to 6th and remain there until the end.

In the end, Valin got the overall win in Switzerland for the first round of the campaign in front of Marek and Reisulis 2nd and 3rd respectively.

EMX 125 European Championship – Overall Top 10 Classification: 1. Mathis Valin (FRA, GAS), 47 points; 2. Vitezslav Marek (CZE, KTM), 38 p.; 3. Janis Martins Reisulis (LAT, YAM), 35 p.; 4. Elias Escandell (ESP, FAN), 34 p.; 5. Laban Alm (SWE, HUS), 33 p.; 6. Nicola Salvini (ITA, YAM), 31 p.; 7. Francisco Garcia (ESP, GAS), 26 p.; 8. Gyan Doensen (NED, KTM), 24 p.; 9. Maximilian Werner (GER, FAN), 22 p.; 10. Salvador Perez (ESP, YAM), 20 p.;

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