CIV Green 2021 CO2 Compensation Project

CIV Green 2021 CO2 Compensation Project

Left to right: Francesca Marozza, Cosimo Chiumiento, Luca Colaiacovo, Alberto Veracini, Giancarlo Strani, Giovanni Copioli, Adamo Leonzio, Fabrizio Mari, Nicola Schivardi.

On Saturday 2nd April Adamo Leonzio, Chairman of the FIM Europe Environment Commission, attended the presentation of the “CIV Green 2021 CO2 Compensation Project”, organized by the FMI Environment Commission.

In the presence of the event, among others, Mr Giovanni Copioli (FMI President and member of the FIM Board), Mr Fabrizio Mari (Commander of the Forestry Carabinieri unit of the Emilia Romagna Region), Mr Luca Colaiacovo (President and owner of Misano Circuit), Mr Andrea Albani (Director of the Circuit), Mr Nicola Schivardi (Councilor for the environment of the municipality of Misano Adriatico), Mr Giancarlo Strani (Coordinator of the Environment Commission).

The CIV GREEN project consisted in calculating all the CO2 emissions resulting from the six races of the CIV 2021 and, considering the absorption capacity for each tree, planting on a plot the number of trees necessary to neutralise these emissions.

The result, based on the European CO2 absorption tables for each tree, consisted of planting 60 trees of various species on land made available near the circuit.

Adamo Leonzio, Chairman of Environment Commission

“Once again, the event demonstrated the possibility of practicing our sport by neutralizing its effects on the environment and in particular against the greenhouse effect that is creating so many problems for the present and future of our planet. The commission appreciated this laudable initiative of the Italian federation and will endeavour to ensure that other federations follow this example. To achieve this, it will make the knowledge acquired through the study drawn up by the FMI available to all federations, giving maximum prominence to the document on the federal website and through social media channels”.

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