Bajas European Championship: first round in Portugal

The first round of the Tout Terrain Rally Cup was held in Spain

The first round of the Bajas European Championship was held in Serta, Portugal, in combination with the FIM World Cup and the National Championship for bikes, quads, SSVs and cars, with a total number 140 riders.
After Friday’s Supertest (10 km), the competition was a “two-days” race.
Saturday’s race was 230 km long and the winner was Tiago Santos from Portugal, who lead almost the whole day. Good race for Jakub Piatek (Poland): at the first check point he had 17 second of advantage but at the end he finished second. Third place for Vitor Lopes and fourth for Rita Vieira, both from Portugal. Rita won the woman class too.
On Sunday the race was 110 km long and the results were the same of day1, with a great fight for the win between Tiago Santos and Jakub Piatek.
On Saturday evening there was an unofficial “city stage” in front of many hundred spectators: a short test in the middle of Serta with special prizes for the riders.

The Bajas European Championship calendar:

1. Portugal (23rd-24th March)
2. Poland (31st August-1st September)
3. Portugal (21st-22nd September)
4. Ukraine (05th-06th October)