3rd Polish Day of Safety and Ecology of PZM

We Celebrate the World Environment Day!

On 5th June 2019 roku in Bydgoszcz PZM organised The 3rd Polish Day of Safety and Ecology of PZM.

President of PZM – Mr Michal Sikora took the honorary patronage over the meeting.

The representatives of PZM, PZM Holding, Green Power Polska, Elimen Company and PZM environment officers attended the meeting.

The PZM environment officers were invited to participate in the special seminar. They had the opportunity to listen to a lecture of dr Krzysztof Leo: „Noise as one of the sources of nature pollution”, presentation of the President of the PZM Holding Mr. Cezary Droszcz: „Electromobility in Poland, today and tomorrow”.

Elimen company demonstrated their Fiat 500 – first Polish, electric rallycross car.

We also watched the races of the electric bolids