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2nd session of the FIM Europe Sporting Commissions in Fiumicino

The FIM Europe Commission Meetings continued today with the second session of Sporting Commissions, which followed the first session of Sporting Commissions in October and which will be followed by the Non-Sporting Commissions next January.

The 2nd session of the FIM Europe Sporting Commissions in Fiumicino (Italy)

The meeting was held, as in the past, at the Tiber Hotel in Fiumicino, near Rome (Italy). In this first session there were the meetings of the Road Racing, Motocross & Snowcross, Enduro & Rally and Vintage Commissions.
In this second session, the meetings of Track Racing, Supermoto, Trial, Drag Racing and Motoball were held, with the participation of Sporting Council Chairman Martin de Graaff and of FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco. Joining the meeting, also Armando Castagna, FIM CCP Director and Thierry Michaud, FIM CTR Director.
The meetings saw the implementation of the proposals by the various Commissions for the upcoming 2019 Sporting Season.
New FIM Europe clothing – Produced by iXON, has been distributed to all members at the second session of the Sporting Commissions. This is important to best represent the FIM Europe Officials on the occasion of its events.

The Track Racing Commission, chaired by Mr Piotr Szymanski

Track Racing – Commission chaired by Mr Piotr Szymanski, who stated: “The Track Racing Commission of FIM Europe (TRC) had a very good meeting in Rome today (10th November). Starting with a review of documentation from this year’s congress and finalized with open topics on several items that were raised during the latter part of the season.
The Director of CCP Armando Castagna was present and shared much information about changes and improvements of the FIM-CCP, as well as a draft of the CCP calendar that was published earlier in the week. This helped the TRC to have a fruitful discussion about the FIM Europe calendar for 2019. Later this month (19th Nov), the FIM Europe TRC calendar will be published, so the FMNs can prepare their national calendars. It shows the very good cooperation that exists between FIM CCP and FIM Europe TRC and will help FMNs in the future.
There were some issues raised during the reports from Jury Presidents and Referees regarding standards of tracks and these were identified as improvements for the coming season. The TRC will inform the FMNs regarding these improvement points so they can be completed before the season.
Proposals had been accepted regarding developing the U19 Cups in future and more information will be published soon. Most important item in the opinion of the TRC is to support young upcoming riders from all federations to achieve a higher level of racing together with more experience for international meetings.
For 2019 there are small amendments to the rules which were agreed to harmonize the rules of the FIM CCP. The TRC have also proposed some new competitions for Junior racing, with this proposal being prepared by their Development Working group which will be presented at the next meeting scheduled to be held in July in Zagreb“

The Supermoto Commission, chaired by Mr Ivo Tsvetanov

Supermoto – The Supermoto Commission was chaired by Mr Ivo Tsvetanov, who stated: “The Autumn meeting of the FIM Europe Supermoto Commission was the final point of a successful season of the European Supermoto Championships in 2018. With the presence of the Championship Promoter representative, a positive discussion was held regarding the upcoming season 2019 which covered many of the hot topics that were raised during the year. The main goals of the Commission and of the promoter are to increase the participation of the riders in the classes S1 and SM Junior, to reduce the costs related to participation and to create a stable calendar for the season to come. It is foreseen to have 6 events for the S1 class and 4 events for the SM Junior in 2019. The Commission also discussed a plan that incorporates the reduction of the maximum age of the participants in S1 class, starting from 2019 with maximum 40 years of age for the riders eligible to compete in the series».

The Trial Commission, chaired by the new Chairman Magnus Liljeblad

Trial – The Trial Commission chaired by the new Chairman Mr Magnus Liljeblad. The Trial Commission welcomed the new members of the Trial Commission, Pavel Jiran from Czech Republic and Hans-Jørn Beck from Denmark.
The Commission presented some statistics about 2018, which revealed that the number of the participants to Trial European Championships increased in a significant way, especially in the Youth class. Some new proposals were analised, among these the possibility to have a Youth class for women. The calendar for 2019 was also discussed, which will have 4 rounds. The Commission started working on the calendar for 2020 as well, with 6 rounds.

The Drag Racing Commission, chaired by the new Chairman Mr Jari Halonen

Drag Racing – The Commission was chaired by the new Chairman Mr Jari Halonen, who stated: “In this annual meeting we have discussed some major technical rule changes for the 2019 season. In anticipation of a possible return of some Scandinavian races into the FIM Europe series, the Commission has reviewed the existing rules and went through a pile of mails from riders with valuable questions and suggestions. After some years with declining entries, we are now looking at a much better future with more races throughout Europe. Both the FIM Europe Deputy President Martin de Graaff and the promoter representative Darren Prentice referred to a brighter outlook for the seasons to come. As a result, the 2019 calendar is to be finalised, as some events are subject to arrangements. During the mee­ting, the Commission has taken all measurements to guarantee a smooth racing season. All 2018 events have been confirmed for the next season, so the SSB and the JDB will start in Hungary followed by races in all classes at the Santa Pod and Hockenheim track“.

The Motoball Commission, chaired by Ms Pascale Reschko Jacquot

Motoball – The Commission was chaired by Ms Pascale Reschko Jacquot, who stated: “The Motoball Commission stated that the European Championship in Russia was a great success. The event was followed by more than 15.000 people in the stadium and 270.000 on the live-stream of Pro-Motoball. We had the first Junior Championship, with 4 teams participating. In 2019 the European Championship will have 7 Senior teams and 6 Junior teams participating. It will be held from 15th to 22nd June 2019 in the South of Germany. We talked about the calendar of 2020 and Belarus will organize the European Championship, most likely in the new stadium in Minsk“.

At the end of the meeting, 1st Deputy President Martin de Graaff stated: “The second session of the FIM Europe Sporting Commissions in Rome was successful, the five present Commissions evaluated the current season and prepared the next season including all calendars. To avoid clashes with the FIM calendars and the wishes of the organisers it is important to discuss this carefully for all disciplines and all classes.
“The Management Council will receive the calendars first in order to homologate them. Quite soon after this the calendars will be sent to all Federations. In this time of the year they are all preparing the next season.
“It’s good to see the developments in the several disciplines. New ideas are all focused on the quality of events and the increasing number of participants. Motorsport events must be attractive for spectators and potential sponsors.
Cooperation with all federations and the FIM is of great importance. The quotes from the Commission Chairmen give you an idea of the discussions and the proposals to the Management Council in the next meeting in December.
“It was a pleasure to attend a part of all meetings and to follow the developments. We welcomed new Commission members for the mandate of four years an wish all Commission success”.