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2022 FIM Europe Congress – Day3

2022 FIM Europe Congress

The new Management Council met officially
after the election of FIM Europe President Michal Sikora

From left: Stijn Rentmeesters, Juhani Halme, Francesco Carmelo Mezzasalma, Nicoleta Olariu, Jorge Viegas (FIM President), Michal Sikora (FIM Europe President), Manuel Marinheiro, Josè Ramon Garcia, Alessandro Sambuco (General Secretariat), Roy N. Wetterstad, Jean Marc Desnues.

Third and last day for the 2022 FIM Europe Congress in Bucharest, Romania, inside the Radisson Blu Hotel. A thrilling weekend full of emotions, meetings and news.

After yesterdays’ elections of the new President and Vice-Presidents, this morning the new Management Council met for the first time. In the agenda the appointment of the new positions and new Commissions’ and Medical Panel members.
Manuel Marinheiro, has been appointed 1st Deputy President and Chairman of the Sporting Council, Roy N. Wetterstad 2nd Deputy President and Chairman of the Beyond Sporting Council, Josè Ramon Garcia is the new Treasurer.

Michal Sikora
“It was three very intense days. New management Council met today for the first time a took some very important decisions and agreed on dividing tasks between members. It was wonderful time here in Bucharest. I would like to thank Romanian Motorcycle Federation, especially my colleague Nicoleta Olariu, President Christian Muresan and Sabin Olariu for great hospitality and perfect organization. Well done!”.

In the meanwhile, the nine Sporting Commissions (Enduro & Rally, Drag Racing, Motoball, Motocross & Snowcross, Supermoto, Road Racing, Track Racing, Trial, Vintage), the three Beyond Sporting Commissions (Environment Commission, Public Affairs Commission, Touring Commission) and the two Panels (Medical and Judicial) gathered with regard to 2018/2022 mandate.

Robert Svensson – Chairman Enduro & Rally Commission
“Enduro & Rally Commission had a good meeting. We had the occasion to discuss with our promotor for Enduro European Championship, Maxim, about how to improve the Championship in the future. Our TT Rally promoter, Mr Meletis, joined us on Zoom for a discussion of this and next season. The Commission also talked about Baja, Cross Country and SuperEnduro”.

Job Heezen – Chairman Drag Racing Commission
“We had good discussion about some issues we are facing in the series, like finding solutions to bring back local racers to our international events. This is one of our main concerns for the near future and I think it has been brought to everybody’s attention in a positive way: this is not just concerning the Drag Racing but more sections”.

Pascale Reschko Jacquot – Motoball Commission
“After a long period without any European event we are happy that Lithuania confirmed to organize the 2023 European Championship in the city of Kretinga. The Commission is working on concepts to organize additional events on Club level. We also discussed with the representative from Ukraine and the Netherlands to appoint new members to the Commission. The French Federation has implemented Electric Motorcycles in Motoball since 2015 already and the participating countries are interested to receive more details about their experience”.

Eddie Herd – Chairman Motocross & Snowcross Commission
“One main change is the restructuring of the EMX 65-85 zones, because of the situation in Ukraine and the fact that Russia and Belarus are no long member of FIM and FIM Europe. We have to consider the restructure of the two North Europe zones to maintain some consistency. From 2023 there will be a North Europe zone which will consist of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, plus Ukraine. The other zone will be Central European zone with the same member state except Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Basically, the North Europe zone will be based around the Baltic Sea and the South East and South West zone stay the same. This decision is in full agreement with our promotional partner Infront and is accepted by the Federations concerned. This change is a reaction caused by the problems in Ukraine and to keep the four zones as stable and equal as possible. This decision could be reversed at sometime in the future if the situation in Ukraine will be back to normality and if Russia and Belarus are allowed back to the FIM and FIM Europe family. This is my last meeting as Chairman of the Motocross and Snowcross Commission: thank you to the members past and present for the cooperation and I wish the new commission and its chairman my best wishes for the future”.

Ivo Tsvetanov – Chairman Supermoto Commission
“All the Commission’s members met again after two years of Covid restrictions. We have discussed about two different solutions to simplify the Junior Championship in 2023 and the next program of S4, S3 and Senior Cup. We also spoke about new calendars and soon we’ll be ready for the next season”.

Martin Hejduk – Chairman Road Racing Commission
“The meeting was very productive. A lot of topics was discussed in a very open atmosphere. My Laps presented its system for the circuits with a lot of interest of our members”.

Piotr Szymanski – Chairman Track Racing Commission
“Unfortunately, not all our members could take part in our meeting today due to cancellation of flights. We drafted a calendar with still some open spots and it will be finalized soon. All Championships and Trophies will be run according to our rules and ongoing calendar in 2022. There had been no rule change proposals for this meeting, but working groups are working on small amendments for 2023, this will be presented in Rome at the next meeting. Discussions where raised up regarding reducing the power of engines, age limits for young riders and future European Team Championship. Christian Bouin was fare-welled after a very long period: the Commission thanked him for his good job, especially in Grass Track. Thank you to all members for taking the way to Bucharest and supporting our meeting here”.

Magnus Liljeblad – Chairman Trial Commission
“We had a good meeting and almost all members attended in person. We get in contact with two members who couldn’t come and with the FIM CTR Director too. The meeting was very constructive and we had good discussions. We are working on the new calendars. We are already looking forward to our next meeting in Fiumicino!”. 

Igor Boskovic – Chairman Vintage Commission
“The Commission took the point on the current activities and already spoke about the new season. This year the Vintage Commission saw races in all disciplines in full respect with the calendars”.

Nils Freivalds – Chairman Touring Commission
“The Commission has finally met, discussing about future plans of Tour Assistant Training, FIM Europe Club Tour in Tuscany planned later this year as well as continuation of FIM Europe Club Tour in Finland on snowmobiles in March next year. A snowmobile tour was very well attended and splendidly organized earlier this year and it became obvious to continue such a beautiful activity. After a long break it is a time for hands-on to the Tour Assistant Training organization that will take place at the Honda Safety Institute in Barcelona on October 1st. I would like to thank all the Touring Commission members for their dedication and support to the work done during the last term and wish a very successful and productive work for the new Commission team in future”.

Adamo Leonzio – Chairman Environment Commission
“A good meeting today about the first part of 2022. The main topic was the papers we prepared for next mandate 2022-2026 with some advices and good arguments to develop”.

Jesper Christensen – Member of Public Affairs Commission
“The Commission continued the noise discussion raised by the French Federation at the AGM. Another issue was the ban of sales of combustion cars in EU 2035 versus the rapid development of electric motorcycles, which are an interesting development for the mobility, particularly in the cities. Very positively were the new potential specialist members joining the commission for the first time”.

Over the weekend all the involved FIM Europe and FIM members, promoters and officials conducted their meetings to work on projects and priorities for 2022. The efforts and hard work of all participants and stakeholders over the three days were recognised and rewarded from the entire FIM Europe Family.

After three days of intense work at the 2022 FIM Europe Congress, the FIM Europe would like to thank the Romanian Motorcycle Federation – FRM, for its hospitality, support, excellent organization and collaboration during these days. 2022 FIM Europe Congress

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