2020 World Environmental Day

2020 World Environmental Day

Dear FIM Europe members,
this year the theme chosen to celebrate the World Environment Day on June 5th is biodiversity.

Biodiversity is the great variety of animals, plants, fungi and microorganisms that make up our planet. It seems superfluous to remember the importance of biodiversity for the balance of life on our planet. Thanks to this balance are guaranteed food, clean water and in general all the fundamental resources for our survival.
It’s therefore necessary to pay great attention to the impact of our activities on the environment to ensure that the earth, thanks to its unique characteristic of regenerating and adapting to changes, can continue to fulfil its task of ensuring life for all living beings that populate it.
The world of motorcycling does not escape from this general rule and therefore must do everything to carry out its activity with respect for the environment in general and biodiversity in particular.
We therefore invite the whole world of FIM Europe to celebrate this important day with enthusiasm and passion by organizing events that have biodiversity as their theme and to share them through social networks with all the people concerned.
So far, the WED has always been celebrated “on the field”. This year the pandemic that we are all aware of has effectively blocked this possibility, so we must look for different but no less important solutions.
I therefore invite all federations, clubs, teams, to organize round tables, webinars, video conferences, symposiums on the subject and put these events online so that can become everyone’s heritage. Please, I also kindly ask you to share with FIM Europe too, sending the material to we’ll publish all your activities on the website and Facebook official page.

A few years ago, the Environment Committee of the FIM Europe created a special section on the web site called “WHAT’S NEW IN ENVIRONMENT” in which there are already documents concerning biodiversity protection.
Good World Environment Day

FIM Europe Environment Commission Chairman
Adamo Leonzio