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2020 Enduro & Rally European Championships Provisional Calendar

2020 Enduro & Rally European Championships
Provisional Calendar

The FIM Europe, together with the Enduro & Rally Commission, is proud to release the 2020 European Championships Provisional Calendar.

Four rounds for the Enduro European Championship.
The season starts in Italy and keeps on with the second round in Hungary, back to the championship after many years. Then is the time for Poland and finally for Czech Republic.

1. 4th-5th April 2020 – Castel di Tora, Italy
2. 16th-17th May 2020 – Ber, Hungary
3. 27th-28th June 2020 – Kielce, Poland
4. 8th-9th August 2020 – Plasy, Czech Republic


Three rounds together with the World Championship.
The season opens in Poland in December and continues in Germany and Hungary.

1. 7th December 2019 – Krakow, Poland
2. 4th January 2020 – Rieza, Germany
3. 1st February 2020 – Budapest, Hungary


TT Rally
Four rounds rocks the season. The first one is the Hispania Rally at Ricardo Tormo Circuit, then there is the Hellas Rally in Greece, the Sighetu Marmatie in Romania and at the end the historical Trans Carpatic Rallyin in Portugal. Some new regulations, according to the factories, will be introduced.

1. 8th-14th March 2020 – Valencia, Spain
2. 25th-31st May 2020 – Nafpaktos, Greece
3. 8th-12th September 2020 – Sighetu Marmatie, Romania
4. 6th-11th October 2020 – Marco de Canaveses, Portugal


UTV category (side by side) is reintroduced and a new technical regulation will fix limits in order to limit expensive tuning and set security standard. The calendar starts with Baja do Pinal and Baja di Idhana in Portugal, but it is currently being finalised and it will be defined at the end of the year.

1. 3rd-5th April 2020 – Serta, Portugal
2. 18th-20th September 2020 – Idanha a Nova, Portugal


Cross Country
Brand new start with the race in Lithuania, followed by Finland and Lithuania again.

1. 2nd May 2020 – Kalvarija, Lithuania
2. 23rd-24th May 2020 – Lahti-Vesivehmaa, Finland
3. Tbc – Vilnius, Lithuania



“I’m so pleased of the work done by everybody”, – stated the Enduro & Rally Commission Chairman, Mr. Marco Bolzonello, – “The Commission worked so hard together with the FIM Europe, all the national federation and the organizers in order to plan a good season. I bid thanks to all who contributed to create the calendars with professionalism and efforts”.