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2019 updates to FIM CEV Repsol regulations

The FIM CEV Repsol Committee has decided to introduce the following changes and updates to the regulations:
• Practising during the week of the FIM CEV Repsol is allowed, but only if it is immediately after a MotoGP™ Grand Prix on the same circuit. Note: this is only applicable to the final event of the season
• The maximum number of days of free practice allowed will count from January 1st of the season.
• It is mandatory to use a back and chest protector.
• The maximum number of riders admitted will be 44 in practice and qualifying and 38 in the race, in all circuits on the FIM CEV Repsol calendar.
• It is forbidden to install rear fenders in the European Talent Cup.
The updated version of the FIM CEV Repsol Regulations which contains the detailed text of the regulation changes will be available in the coming weeks and it may be viewed shortly at: