The first Tour-Assistant Training Course was held on September 3rd at Honda Safety Center in Barcelona, Spain.

After theoretical training provided by FIM Europe Touring Commission members – Nils Freivalds, Laurynas Baltrunas and Panagiotis – Panos – Kalaitzis on tour organization, all the attendees warmed up for motorcycle practice training, which was split in 3 groups.
The Honda Safety Institute instructors are also experienced off- and on-road riders and kept an eye on all trainees – Moto-Tour Assistants to make sure they improved their riding performance. According to Honda instructors, the skill level of trainees was unusually high, compared to overall public, including many riding test instructors. There was a positive remark on the initiative to provide such a training and improve the riding skills, techniques and pass various exercises that should be a “must” for individuals who are planning to run – or are already running – group tours.