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Vintage Endurance Cup: round 1 in Le Castellet

Vintage Endurance Cup: Round 1 in Le Castellet

The first race for FIM Europe Vintage Endurance Cup was organised on 11th May at Paul Ricard race track, Le Castelet, near Marseille, in a totally brand-new year with a new promoter.
The race was very professionally organised by French Federation and Paul Ricard staff for 44 teams and 60 bikes from 9 different nations: each team consists of two or three riders (depending of the strategy).
Timed practices started on Friday while warm up was on Saturday at 2 pm. After one hour warm up was finished, teams could make final order which rider will start the race. The pole position was for Belgian Team Force, second position was for Phase One Endurance team from UK while the third place for Road Runner Team from Neatherlands.
The race was held half during the day and approximately two hours at the dark conditions (with lights up) and finished at 11 pm in front of 15000 spectators: Team Force finished first (on Suzuki 1100 GSXR), Team Taurus Sabes second (Suzuki 1100 GSX) and Road Runner Team third with the Yamaha 1100 FJ.

The classification:

1. Motobel
2. German Guzzi Classic-Team
3. Arc 2

1. Team Force
2. Parts Europe Team
3. Team Classic Suzuki

Maxi Classic:
1. Team Taurus Sages
2. Road Runner
3. Classic Racer Nice

1. Central Moto
2. Tm Vulcanet