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UEM Extraordinary General Assembly in Monaco

aboutuemThe UEM Extraordinary General Assembly was held on Friday the 30th of November at the Salle des Palmieres of the Hotel Montecarlo Bay in Montecarlo.

The Assembly was chaired by the Deputy President Mr Wolfgang Glas because of the absence of the President Mr Mazzi (absence due to health reasons). The Assembly approved with a large majority the new Statutes, which align to the FIM Statutes approved in 2010 in Macao. The new Statutes contemplate, as a first tangible effect, the name change from UEM into FIM Europe. In the initial stage the two logos will appear together: UEM and FIM Europe. The name change process will be completed by the year 2013.

On Saturday the 1st of December, the FIM General Assembly elected the UEM Vice President Mr Jorgen Bitsch as a member of the FIM BoD. As contemplated in the Statutes, Mr Bitsch resigned from the Management Council of FIM Europe. The position of Vice President will be assigned in the next Congress in Vilnius. Heartfelt thanks for all the good work done for UEM and a good luck for the new position in FIM go to Mr Jorgen Bitsch.

(UEM Press Release 166/2012)