Trial European Championship: Youth and Women Pietramurata’s race

Trial European Championship: Youth and Women Pietramurata’s race

Pau Martinez

Spanish Pau Martinez (Vertigo) and Italian Alex Brancati (Beta) on top respectively in Youth and Women championship  classes in Pietramurata, Italy, first round of the FIM Europe Trial Championship.

Dry terrain with the usual poor grip due to small rocks everywhere: this is the main feature of all the trials organized in the Trial Park of Pietramurata, and even this time sections resulted tricked for everybody.

Martinez – after a first lap of studying this different soil -got confidence enough to assure a clear victory, scoring almost half points of runner-up British Jack Dance (Gas Gas): 42 against 72. More uncertain the situation behind the new Spaniard star. An other British’s, Ben Dignan (Gas Gas) ended in third , two marks more than Dance and ahead of many riders separated by smooth gaps.

Alex Brancati

Favorite Brancati started a bit nervous due to too much pressure on her, but soon  she recovered from some mistakes done in the first sections to gain the leadership and to keep it until the end. Her best challengers where what we forecast: Norwegian IIngveig Hakonsen (TRRS) and German Theresa  Bauml (TRRS), finished in second and third position. Hakonsen beat Brancati in the second lap (14 to 17 points), but because her worse first lap (27) she was only able to reduce her lead from the winner.

Cristian Bassi

In the Youth International class, Italian Cristian Bassi (Beta) triumphed , four marks clear of the couple, Italian Dario Doglio (Gas Gas) and Polish Milosz Zyznowski (Beta).

Between the young girls of the Women International, the best was French Naomi Monnier (Beta) who score just 9 points, a clear victory on Czech Petra Budinova (Beta) 24 and German Linda Weber (Beta).

Next Saturday the second round in Monza circuit.

Naomi Monnier