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Second session of Sporting Commission Meetings in Fiumicino, Italy

Second session of Sporting Commission Meetings inFiumicino, Italy

The FIM Europe Commission Meetings continued today with the second session of Sporting Commissions, which followed the first session of Sporting Commissions in October and which will be followed by the Management Council in December and the Non-Sporting Commissions next January.

In Fiumicino were present the first Deputy President Michal Sikora, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco and Paola Bianchetti, responsible for sport matters in the office.

Mr Michal Sikora, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President

I’m really happy with the outcome of second session of our commissions. During these meetings many important proposals were discussed such as good number of future organizers for our events or possibility to continue with internet coverage for Motoball EC. Another exciting season is coming”.

Track Racing Commission

The commission proposes a number of rule changes in order to armonise the various disciplines of Track Racing with the FIM’s CCP. Director of FIM CCP Mr Armando Castagna took part to the meeting and supported the commission with their work. The 2020 calendar was presented and the majority of dates has been confirmed, together with the rider allocations for the various championship events. The Individual Speedway European Championship (SEC) will be again run by the promotor “One Sport”.

 Mr Piotr Szymański, Chairman Track Racing Commission

“The meeting in Rome was very successful with a number of discussions taking place throughout the day. Some proposals were tabled and will be passed to the Management Council for approval. The meeting ended with the various Working Groups being tasked with a number of projects, progress of which will be reviewed at the Congress in Prague next July”.

Vintage Commission

During the meeting the commission discussed this season and approved the results of the Championships and Cups in Road Racing, Hill Climb, Endurance, Enduro and Regularity. The Commission welcomes back the Motocross as a Vintage Championship in 2020 and also confirmed the calendars of the other disciplines for next season.

Mr Igor Bošković, Chairman Vintage Commission

“This was a very productive meeting with open discussion from all members. The meeting fixed the dates for 2020 events and appointed various members of the commission to the reviews on the rules ready for next year”.

Motoball Commission

A lot of good news during the meeting. Pro Motoball Russia is interested to Promote Motoball for the next 4 years and they are asking for the exclusive TV and Marketing rights. 2020 European Championship for Juniors and Seniors will be held in Moscow Region. For 2021 Lithuania and Belarus are considering to host the European Championship.

Mrs Pascale Rescho, Chairman Motoball Commission

“It was a very constructive and effective meeting with many important decisions. The French Club Suma Troyes will host the European Championship in 2022 and Stavropol local government was presenting their plans to invest into a new Motoball Stadium for 7.000 Spectators in Ipatovo, South Russia. In this reason they are applying to host the European Championship in 2023”.