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On the way to the 2020 FIM Europe Congress

On the way to the 2020 FIM Europe Congress

From the left: Alessandro Sambuco, Michal Sikora, Jan Šťovíček, Pavel Konečný

On 29th October the first organisational meeting for the 2020 FIM Europe Congress has been held in Prague.

The capital of the Czech Republic will host the 26th FIM Europe Congress from 9th to 11th July 2020 in the Corinthia Hotel, with panoramic views across Prague and multi-functional meeting spaces.

For the Gala dinner, that will sign the closing of the Congress, has been chosen Palace Žofín, neo–renaissance building located in the heart of Prague on the romantic and scenic Slovansky island.

The meeting, held in the historical seat of ACCR, saw the participation of the first Deputy President Michal Sikora and the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco for FIM Europe and the President Jan Šťovíček, supported by the CEO Pavel Konečný for ACCR.

Mr Michal Sikora

“Prague is one of most beautiful Capital of Central European Countries. I’m really looking forward for coming Congress. I truly believe that our colleagues from ACCR will show the spirit of this important Country for FIM Europe!”.

Mr Jan Šťovíček

“ACCR is proud to host the FIM Europe congress in 2020. We have prepared nice facilities for all our friends joining us for this opportunity, and we are looking forward for this gathering of motorcycling enthusiasts from all Europe. We are sure they will enjoy beauties of our capital. We hope the meetings of the congress will be successful”.

Mr Alessandro Sambuco

“The organisation of the Congress is started. A beautiful European capital city like Prague, the facilities at disposal and the involvement of a big Federation like ACCR, already organiser of a FIM Europe Congress in 1997, represents a guarantee for the success of the event”.