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Non Sporting Commissions – the analysis of FIM Europe 2nd Deputy President Silvio Manicardi 2nd Part

At the end of 2017, a year with quite many different activities, we have asked Silvio Manicardi, 2nd Deputy President and Chairman of the Non Sporting Council, to give us an overview of the main items on the “political” table and achievements of the Non Sporting Commissions.
Following, the second part of his report.

Silvio Manicardi, FIM Europe 2nd Deputy President and Chairman of the Non-Sporting Council, during his speech at the Road Safety Conference

FIM Europe Congress in Rome
As usual during our annual Congress we have organised the “Safety and Mobility” conference.
This year the subject was the quite boiling: Sharing the road with Robots – When Motorcycle Meets Automation.
This theme has raised a lot of interest with the presentations of high level experts and also due to the presence of European Parliament Member Mr Wim van de Camp, who explained the European Parliament Position.
The presentations of our speaker can be downloaded on FIM Europe website:
The Road Safety conference can be watched also on YouTube:

Touring Commission (in the photo)
Tour Assistant
In 2016 the Commission decided to start with a Course to prepare better the “Tour Assistants” to accompany safely touring groups with their motorcycles.
The Course was held in Spain using the good facilities of Honda and 10 participants were successfully trained and received the FIM Europe diploma.
The course was so successful that two participants found an immediate job in Greece.
Based on this success story, the Commission worked to organise the second Course which will be held again in Spain the 19th of April 2018.
Hotel program
This program is developing but not at the same speed in all regions. Next January the Touring Commission will meet and has this item on the agenda. The objective is to improve the situation with the obvious support of the National Federations.

FIM Europe Club
Realized with great commitment by the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco, also this year the FIM Europe Club took place, this time kindly organised by the French Federation, and had its headquarters in the city of Blois.
It was attended also by Jesper Christensen, Director of FIM Public Affairs Commission and FIM Europe CAP member, and Nils Freivalds, Chairman of the FIM Europe Touring Commission, and it was good to see how many people co-operating inside FIM Europe have chosen to go to the event by motorcycle. To see the full report of the event, this is the link to the Magazine:

Marketing, Promotion & Industry Commission (in the photo)
The publication of the Magazine is continuing with attractive issues and the steps suggested by the Commission are giving positive results with an increasing number of readers.
The new and visually more modern site has been widely appreciated and continuously updated with both sport and non-sport information.
The Commission is also studying the possibility to create an online shop with a full line of items with the FIM Europe brand.

Environment Commission (in the photo)
As already announced last year the Commission in aiming to become a real centre of information regarding environment issues, apart following the already well known activity of control of venues, to show the best possible environmental performance.
An interesting example of this innovative approach is the publication of a study to reduce noise impact is on FIM Europe website:
It is a study concerning sound level reduction in airports but it might be similarly used in our circuits.