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Non Sporting Commissions – the analysis of FIM Europe 2nd Deputy President Silvio Manicardi 1st Part

At the end of 2017, a year with quite many different activities, we have asked Silvio Manicardi, 2nd Deputy President and Chairman of the Non Sporting Council, to give us an overview of the main items on the “political” table and achievements of the Non Sporting Commissions.

FIM Europe, as the name says, is the CONU representing Europe. What is happening from the “political side” in this Continent?

Europe is an area where many rules and regulations are born, which are later followed by other areas in the World. FIM Europe closely follows the different proceedings representing our point of view.
Regarding our PTW (Powered Two Wheels) world there are some issues of particular interest and I think that electric mobility and automated driving are the most exciting and also worrying ones.
There is a very interesting document that I strongly recommend to read and it is Gear 2030-High Level Group-Final report
The European Commission imagines with a high percentage of electric vehicles and self driving cars in Europe by the not so distant 2030- just 12 years from now! This will oblige us to reconsider our use of PTW especially in towns.

Public Affairs Commission (in the photo)
FIM Europe/FEMA relations
This year the relations have reached a higher level with meetings in Rome, the European city with the highest number of PTW in daily use and in Brussels. A revised version of the position papers has been finalised and distributed to all Federations at our Congress in Rome. It can be found at the following link:
It is interesting to note the new study on mobility in towns performed with help of FEMA members and FIM Europe Federations.

From left, Morten Hansen FEMA, Ian Churchlow FEMA , Doede Bakker FIVA, Rolf Frieling FEMA, Jesper Christensen FIM, Francesca Marozza FIM Europe, Palmino Poli FIVA, Dolf Willinger FEMA, Silvio Manicardi FIM Europe, Wim Taal FEMA. Photo ©Wim Taal

We invited also FIVA (the Historical Vehicle Association) to attend the meeting in Brussels in order to have the same understanding of all problems that our PTW world is facing. One critical item is the free circulation of ancient motorcycles in many European cities.
(To be continued)