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In the fourth day of the Congress the new Management Council officially met

Zagreb 2019

In the fourth day of the Congress the new Management Council met officially after the appointment of the new FIM Europe President Martin de Graaff

The new FIM Europe Management Council – From left to right: Manuel Marinheiro, Martins Lazdovskis, Silvio Manicardi, Martin de Graaff, Alessandro Sambuco, Michal Sikora, Nicoleta Melania Olariu, Juhani Halme, Jean-Marc Desnues.

Fourth and last day for the FIM Europe Congress in Zagreb, Croatia, at the Sheraton Hotel at the end of a weekend full of meetings.

After yesterday’s elections of the new President and Vice-President, this morning the new Management Council met for the first time.

A lot of decisions have been taken: as Mr. Martin De Graaff is officially the new FIM Europe President, Mr. Michal Sikora has been appointed the 1st Deputy President and Mr. Juhani Halme the new Treasurer.

“The work of the Management Council is, just the day after the General Assembly, already in full swing”, FIM Europe President Mr. Martin de Graaff said, “The members are all highly motivated and ready to carry out their duties for the European Federations. Appointments have been done and duties have been assigned. With the support of the excellent General Secretariat in Rome we are all looking forward to a successful future”.

At the end of this Congress, after four days of intense work, the FIM Europe wants to thank HMS, the Croatian Motorcycle Federation, for its hospitality and the support during these days.