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First session of Sporting Commission Meetings in Fiumicino (Italy)

The FIM Europe Commission Meetings have been opened by the first session of Sporting Commissions, which will be followed by the second session of Sporting Commissions in November and by the Non-Sporting Commissions next January.

The meeting was held, as in the past, in Tiber Hotel in Fiumicino, near Rome (Italy). In this first session, the meeting of Road Racing, Motocross, Enduro, Trial and Drag Racing Commissions were held, with the participation of the Sporting Council Chairman Mr Martin de Graaff and of FIM Europe Secretary General Mr Alessandro Sambuco. Joining the meeting, also Mr Fabio Muner, FIM Sports Director, Mr Tony Skillington, FIM CMS Director, Mr Thierry Michaud, FIM CTR Director and Mr Rezso Bulcsu, FIM CCR Director.
“The presence of FIM directors is important for the cooperation with FIM and for the harmonization of rules between FIM and FIM Europe”, Mr Martin de Graaff stated. “All Commissions prepared the 2018 seasons, concerning rules and calendars. Safety matters, licences and insurance were also important items”.

The Road Racing Commission, chaired by Mr Ejgil Solkaer

Road Racing – The Commission had an interesting meeting with a lot of challenges but found good solutions in most of the areas. The cooperation with Dorna will continue in Superstock 1000 and Supersport Cup in WorldSBK context and also the Moto2 and European Talent Cup will be held, together with the Junior World Championship Moto3.
Street Freestyle will have a promoter for the first time and planned 4 rounds of a European Cup for the next year. The Commission is very satisfied with this completely new discipline and worked on writing the rules.
The working group on the Mini Bike Road Racing is still working on the “pyramid” and the Commission aims to have it finished for the approval at the Management Council in December.
As for the Supermono Cup the Commission wants to thank the promoter of over 20 years, who stopped his cooperation, and is near to sign an agreement with a new promoter, maintaining the same sports and technical regulations.

The Motocross and Snowcross Commission, chaired by Mr Eddie Herd

Motocross and Snowcross – In the Commission one of the main topics was the calendar for 2018 which will be finalised within the next 2 weeks and then will be approved by FIM Europe Management Council. Next year’s European Snowcross Championship again will be combined with World Snowcross Championship.
In the EMX 65-85 Championship, the zones will remain unchanged. In EMX85 the maximum age of the riders will increase from 14 years old to 15 years old. The category of motorcycles for Women Motocross will be up to 125cc for 2 strokes engines (minimum age 13 years old) and over 175cc and up 250cc for 2 strokes and 4 strokes engines (minimum age 14 years old).
FIM Europe is delighted with the issue of the 2018 calendar for EMX 125, 250 and 300 classes, which again will be combined with MXGP/MX2 events and looks forward to work­ing together with FIM/CMS and Youthstream in the development of motocross especially with the various European championships for the young riders.
In the EMX Quads there will be no entry fee for any event.
From next year on, there will be a new discipline: Watercross. This is for snowmobile machines racing on water and for 2018 there will a European Cup as an experiment in order to see how it develops and maybe expand into a Series the following year.

The Enduro Commission, chaired by Mr Marco Bolzonello

Enduro – The Commission confirmed the proposals discussed in the Summer meeting, particularly concerning Enduro, which will foresee 4 races with the opening of the season in Italy in April, then a round in Romania in May, in Sweden for the third round with a 3-days final in September in Poland. The classes are as follows: 3 for the Juniors, with the Junior U20 harmonised with FIM rules to Junior U21, four classes by capacity, the Veteran class, which changes its name into Senior, and the Women’s category.
There will be also a new category, for electric motorcycles. The three races of Extreme Enduro were confirmed without any changes in the rules and as for Bajas Championship, there will be three rounds, last of them in Ukraine, which is a new venue. FIM Europe has also scheduled the Rally Tout Terrain Cup, with three races, in Italy, Romania and Greece, with the introduction of a new class: the Marathon category. The 2018 calendar will have also Cross Country, with 4 races, and Snowmobile Enduro Races, with one more round, and its rules will be updated in order to harmonise the two events. As for Super Enduro, the Commission agreed to have a FIM Europe Cup combined with three Super Enduro World Championship races: the dates and venues are to be confirmed by the FIM promoter. The Commission recommends Federations and Organisers to prepare their officials through seminars.


The Trial Commission, chaired by Mr Anders Minken

Trial – The Commission had a very good general discussion about the discipline both with the FIM Commission Director and with FIM Europe President and Vice-President. Regarding the calendar for the 2018, it has not been confirmed, yet, depending on the final FIM calendar. The Commission started a discussion about electric trial and looks at this as an important part of the future. The sporting rules were confirmed for the next season.

The Drag Racing Commission, chaired by Mr Palle Lind

Drag Racing – The meeting started on Friday because the Commission and the Promoter decided to propose a new class, called “Junior Drag Bike Cup”, which will be open to riders from 8 up to 16 years of age and the final regulations had to be completely written. The Super Street Bike Cup will move to full Championship from 2018.

“In this time of the year all Sporting commissions are working on the plans for the next season and the calendars 2018», Mr de Graaff stated. “All proposed changes in regulations and the calendars will be approved in the Management Council meeting in the beginning of December. The atmosphere was good, you meet colleagues and friends. Most of the participants arrive the day before to talk with each other and visite one of the various restaurants in the neighbourhood of the hotel. The social aspect of these meetings are important for the cooperation during the many events on the FIM Europe calendar.
The presence of the directors of the FIM Commissions is highly appreciated and takes care for the good cooperation between the FIM and FIM Europe Commissions».
«The meeting circle, where the European Commissions come together on the same weekend and at the same venue, is already in the third year and very well established”, stated Dr Wolfgang Srb, FIM Europe President. “The presence of the FIM Commission Directors adds additional value and underlines the principle of the closest possible cooperation. We are united in the passion for the sport and it shows. I am very happy of what has been achieved, in terms of sport, as well in a better understanding of all participants».