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First session of Sporting Commission Meetings in Fiumicino, Italy

First session of Sporting Commission Meetings inFiumicino, Italy

In the first session of the meeting with the Sporting Commissions many items were discussed. The meetings took place in Fiumicino (Rome) and almost all commission members were present.

In two weeks the other three sporting commissions will have their meetings.

Present were the FIM Europe President Martin de Graaff, the first Deputy President Michal  Sikora, the Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco and Paola Bianchetti, responsible for sport matters in the office.

Mr Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe President

“The meetings of today and partly yesterday in Rome were good. In a good atmosphere the commissions evaluated this season and worked on the proposals for the next season. The rule changes and new calendars will be published soon. It’ s wonderful to notice how creative the commissions are in solving all kind of problems. We are grateful to all our volunteers to be active in events in the different motorsport disciplines. In two weeks the commissions who were not present today will do the same for Motoball, Vintage and Trackracing”.

Mr Michal Sikora, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President

“For me is an exciting new task to directly deal with sporting matters. We will stimulate more and more the use of electric motorcycles, this is important for the trial sport. In this way we can prepare the participation in the European World Games in a few years. We will continue the work with the view to the next session of the Sporting Commissions”.

Road Racing Commission

Many novelties for the Road Racing Commission. In 2020 will be introduced the Yamaha R3 bLU cRU European Cup with 8 rounds together with the Superbike World Championship. This series is provided as first step to the world level for the young riders from 12 up to 15 years. The Northern Talent Cup for young riders from the middle of Northern part of Europe will have 8 races in this area.

 Mr Martin Hejduk, Chairman Road Racing Commission

“Good time today with the meeting. We are happy about the new introductions and we can’t wait to start the new season”.

Drag Racing Commission

Two days of discussions with a lot of important matters for the Drag Racing Commission. the meetings were necessary in order to clarify some rules and to prepare the next season. The agreements for the next season must be clear fir everyone.

Mr Jari Halonen, Chairman Drag Racing Commission

“Intensive meeting with the discussion of many topics. We have the occasion to meet the President and the Press Officer with new ideas for the communication”.

Motocross & Snowcross Commission

The commission confirmed the decision for the new calendars, that are almost complete. With Youthstream we found new agreement about some changes to the format of the EMX65/85 Finals in order to improve the invitation procedure.

All European championship have been ratified.

Mr Eddie Herd, Chairman Motocross & Snowcross Commission

“We are happy to confirm the positive way of the Motocross and Snowcross Commission with the official calendars for 2020. The calendars are almost complete and will be finalized soon after the release of the FIM World championship Sidecarcross dates and venues which affects the EMX Quad championship”.

Supermoto Commission

Changes in the regulations for 2020 were discussed and approved, as well as the provisional calendars for the championships and cups were presented. The new season will start with two new SuperMoto cups. After the approval of the Management Council the news will be published.

Mr Ivo Tsvetanov, Chairman Supermoto Commission

“On the occasion of today’s meeting we could discuss many novelties in the Supermoto championships. The introduction of two new cups will surely give more possibility to the riders and teams. We are sure this will give a new image to Supermoto”.

Trial Commission

Small changes of the rules were proposed and accepted. The two main points discussed were the consolidation of the training camp for young women with more support of the federation and the participation in the European Games 2023 in Krakow.

Mr Magnus Liljeblad, Chairman Trial Commission

“Today we spoke a lot about the new sporting season with good news. Training camp for young women will be improved thanks to the support of the federations. Also the electric activities are a good news for us”.

FIM Europe appreciates the participation of the FIM directors for Trial and Motocross, Thierry Michaud and Antonio Alia Portola. Besides these guests the FIM Circuit Race Representative Victoria Corredoira and Youthstream representative Hans Martin Fetzener, who took part to the meetings.