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FIM Europe meets the Moldovian President and the FMRM

This week FIM Vice President Andrzej Witkowski and FIM Europe 1st Deputy President Martin de Graaff visited the Moldovian Federation FMRM.
The first meeting was held with Victor Golovicichin, President of the Federation and Secretary General Anastasia Sitnic. The Federation is ambitious and would like to organise international motocross events. Motorsport is developing fast, mainly in enduro and motocross.

From left: Martin de Graaff FIM Europe 1st Deputy President, Andrej Witkowski FIM Vice President, Mr. Igor Dodon, President of the Republic of Moldova.

On 5 motocross tracks riders can practice many times during the week. The organization of motocross events is in the hands of seven motoclubs.
After this meeting the FMRM showed FIM and FIM Europe the circuit of Shinosa, close to the capital of Moldova, Chisinau on a hilly terrain with many possibilities. In a meeting with motivated members of the Motocross Commission all future possibilities and items were on the agenda.

In the residence of Mr. Igor Dodon, President of the Republic of Moldova, with his advisors, people of the Moldavian Federation (FMRM), the interpreter.

Important issues are the education of officials, some of them followed a FIM seminar, but the most of the volunteers would like to have more skills in order to improve motorsport at all levels. For trainers and riders the MX Academy is the right way to educate this group, the Academy coordinator can make an offer for a three days training, both for trainers and riders.

From left: Igor Kalashnik, member FMRM, Pavel Voicu, advisor of the President, Martin de Graaff, FIM Europe 1st Deputy President, Andrzej Witkowski, FIM Vice President, Anastasia Sitnic, Secretary General FMRM, Victor Golovicichin, President FMRM, Dimitri Iurii, advisor of FRMR.

The Federation will ask for the 2019 competition a European 65/85 Championship in their zone. One of the tracks had already a pre-inspection. In the near future there is interest for a motocross Sidecar GP.
The organisation of enduro is possible with participants out of the near Countries. One of the members, a real speedway fan, has plans for Speedway.
Moldova, with its beautiful landscape and the friendly climate is particularly suitable for motor tourism, too.

From left: Igor Railean, Igor Kaksanic, Andrej Bridenco, Nicolai Scripai, Valerie Railean, Martin de Graaff, Anastasia Sitnic, Victor Golovicichin, Andrzej Witkowski, Cociu Mihail, Ruslan Scripai.

On the second day of the visit the President of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. Igor Dodon received the FIM and FIM Europe delegation. The President likes motorsport and was well prepared for this important meeting with the Federation. In case of the organization of a European Championship he will fully support this, this is a step forward in the development of Moldavian motorsport.
The President was grateful to FIM Europe and for the effort to visit his Country with the same purpose – the extension of motorsport. With this group of highly motivated members of the Federation, the project will be successful.

The visit to the motocross track of Schinosa.

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