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FIM Europe at the MBA Motorsport-Management Master in Germany

This weekend at the Nürburgring one of three weekends scheduled for the current semester was held by the MBA Motorsport-Management organized by the Kaiserslautern/Zweibrücken University (Germany).
The Master’s objective is to provide students with detailed knowledge of marketing, financing, sponsorship, leadership in motorsport and contract law. The lesson on Saturday morning saw the lecture of FIM Europe Secretary General Alessandro Sambuco on “Motorcycling in the International Sports Organization”. The lesson, which continues the collaboration started by FIM Europe with the two Universities of Kaiserslautern and Roma “Foro Italico” has offered the opportunity to the Master’s students to make a focus on Motorcycling, given the almost total specialization in Car Racing.

Family picture for Nürburgring CEO, Teachers and Students of the MBA Motorsport-Management

From the description of the international sports organization and the institutions of motorcycling, the students passed the examination of the Organization Chart of FIM Europe and the processes and procedures implemented by its Administration.
The CEO of the Nürburgring Mr. Mirco Markfort stated: “The cooperation between the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern/Zweibrücken with its special course of studies “Motorsport-Management“ is well-fitting to our race track. Two years ago this cooperation was the starting point for our project of developing the Nürburgring to a location of research and teaching. We´re happy to connect the universities in the field of research and teaching, the companies in the industry with their technical developments and also the motorsport teams as users of innovative technology here at our emotional ‘Green Hell’ and in the society ‘Nürburgring Akademy e.V.’. The fact that FIM Europe visits the students of the MBA for a contribution makes me happy and shows how important this project is to everyone who is connected to motorsport topics”.

From the left: Mr. Mirco Markfort Nürburgring CEO, Prof.Dr. Bettina Reuter Program Director of the MBA Motorsport-Management, Mr. Alessandro Sambuco FIM Europe Secretary General

Prof. Dr. Bettina Reuter Program Director of the Master stated: “Motorsport in the future will face a lot of changes and challenges. To overcome these challenges, a Professional Management is needed. That’s why I am very happy that the Cooperation with FIM Europe and the MBA program of the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern can be continued.
Today’s lectures by Dr. A. Sambuco form an important part of our course of study. Together we will work in the vision of an international Management Qualification for Motorcycles and Cars in European Motorsport”.
“The lesson was very productive as there was a good insight into the System of Motorsport federations and how a motorsport Federation is working in the overall and on day-to-day basis”, the students stated. “There was also a very good discussion about the movement of motorsport towards the Olympic games with the help of electrification of the motorcycles”.
“In my opinion it is essential to create such opportunities”, Alessandro Sambuco stated. “Being present and contributing to the training of the new Motorsport executives allows us to be part of that ’functional’ network that will allow us all to gather elements of development and innovation at the very first moment in which they are conceived. Being able to sit together at the same table of study including International Sports Organizations, University and Industry would offer the guarantee of being able to adequately face threats and be able to seize the opportunities that the future presents us”.