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FIM Europe Management Council at Fiumicino (Rome)

The meeting of the FIM Europe Management Council was held today in Fiumicino (Rome), Italy.
The agenda of the meeting was full of topics and decisions to be taken.
In particular, the Management Council approved the changes to the sporting rules for the different disciplines, the sporting calendar, the license validities and calendar fees for 2019.

The 1st Deputy President, now also Acting President, Mr. Martin de Graaff, presented his report, concerning the news after the FIM General Assembly in Andorra and he submitted in particular all a series of ideas, projects and proposals coming from the Sporting Commission Meetings held, in two groups, in October and November.
Mr. De Graaff, now in his double role of Chairman of the Sporting Council and Acting President will have to follow several matters and, for this reason, he asked also for the support of the other Management Council Members.
The Management Council, newly elected in Nantes in July, proved to be still very united and everybody granted Mr. de Graaff the full cooperation.
Moreover, the Chairman of the Non-Sporting Council, Mr. Silvio Manicardi, presented all activities that his Commissions are caring and that will be furtherly deepened in occasion of the next Non-Sporting Commission meetings, which will take place in Fiumicino, on the 19th January 2019.
The Secretary General, Mr. Alessandro Sambuco, presented many topics and in particular, among them, the situation with the promoters and relative contracts, the final composition of the working group for the revision of the Statutes and the project for the new office.
The Treasurer, Mr. Michal Sikora, informed in details about the updated realizations on budget, liquidity and clients situation.
Finally, all Vice-Presidents submitted their reports and ideas, especially for the coming sporting season, organizing the respective tasks in view of the next Management Council meeting, which will be held, always in Fiumicino, on Tuesday 20th March 2019, following the annual internal audit, which will be held on the previous day.
Martin de Graaff stated: “It was a very pleasant meeting, a lot of decisions were taken and a lot of future ideas discussed”. “We all thank Dr Wolfgang Srb for his great job during the last mandate as FIM Europe President, having done really a lot for the European Federations and for our CONU”.


From the left: Rodolfo Romeo, Nicoleta Olariu, Jean-Marc Desnues, Juhani Halme, Silvio Manicardi, Martin de Graaff, Martins Lazdovskis, Michal Sikora, Silvia Monatti and Alessandro Sambuco