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European U-19 Individual Speedway Cup – Semi-Final 1 at Pardubice (Czech Republic)

In one of the warmest days of the year, some of the hottest young talents in Europe were on track in a sunbathed Pardubice in front of around 250 spectators for the SF1 of the Individual Speedway Cup. The track staff worked well to keep the race track in excellent conditions. The final placings were only decided in the last four, hard fought heats.

The winner was Polish Szymon Szlauderbach, ahead of Danish Jonas Saifert-Salk and of Latvian Artjoms Trofimovs.

A run-off between Jonas Saifert-Salk of Denmark and Artjoms Trofimovs of Latvia saw the riders swap places in the four laps until finally the Dane took the win. The next meeting will be on August 11th at Varkaus, in Finland.