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European Moto2 and Talent Cup at Barcelona (Spain)

On the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya Jesko Raffin (Swiss Innovative Investors Junior, photo1) and Augusto Fernández (Easyrace, photo2) shared the honours in Moto2™, while Matteo Patacca (SIC58 Squadra Corse) won in the European Talent Cup. The European Kawasaki Z Cup race was abandoned due to rain.
Jesko Raffin won the first Moto2™ race of the day in which he took part in an intense duel with Augusto Fernández. The Swiss poleman took the lead right from the start, followed by Edgar Pons (AGR Team), Héctor Garzó (Team Wimu CNS), Dimas Ekky (Astra Honda Racing Team) and Marc Alcoba (Dynavolt Intact Junior Team).

Jesko Raffin pulled away followed by Edgar Pons while Dimas Ekky led a small pursuing group. Augusto Fernández began to move up until he caught the AGR Team rider and eventually passed the leader to head the race. Jesko Raffin and Augusto Fernández fought a tremendous duel but in the end the leader of the category won out decisively, with Edgar Pons looking on. Behind, Héctor Garzó took fourth, beating teammate Lucas Tulovic (Team Wimu CNS) on the last lap. In Superstock 600, Roman Fischer (Pinamoto RS) was quickest, as he had been in the qualifying sessions. Jesko Raffin took the Repsol free fuel cheque as race winner.

In the second Moto2™ race, Jesko Raffin and Augusto Fernández once again went head to head in a thrilling tussle for the victory. This time, however, the outcome was decided by a lapped rider when the Swiss Innovative Investors Junior rider was forced to slow on the last lap and Augusto Fernández took the opportunity to pass him. Jesko Raffin took the lead back in the final corner but the Easyrace rider crossed the line first to win his first race of the season and take home the Repsol free fuel cheque.

With three victories and five podiums, Jesko Raffin remains leader, just 10 points ahead of Augusto Fernández in second.

In the ETC, Matteo Patacca chalked up his second consecutive victory after prevailing in a race interrupted by a red flag on the third lap when Víctor Rodríguez (Laglisse Academy) fell. The race was reduced to seven laps, with Xavier Artigas (Team Impala Honda), Carlos Torrecillas (Team Punto Moto), Julián Giral (Talent Team Estrella Galicia 0.0), José Antonio Rueda (Talent Team Estrella Galicia 0,0) and Manuel Parra (Machado-CAME Group) as protagonists forming the leading group.

Carlos Torrecillas fell when he crashed into Xavier Artigas from behind and the group was reduced to five riders. When it looked like Xavier Artigas was sure to win Matteo Patacca passed him on the inside in the last corner to take the flag. José Antonio Rueda finished third. With this victory, the SIC88 Squadra Corse rider leads the ETC with a 24- point advantage over Julián Giral. Matteo Patacca took the Repsol free fuel cheque as race winner.

Heavy rain and numerous falls led to the second race of the European Kawasaki Z Cup being abandoned. Joan Sardanyons (Proelit) continues as leader of the category.

The next round of the FIM CEV Repsol will be held at MotorLand Aragón on July 29.

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