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European Individual Grass Track Championship at Wittstock (Germany)

The Semi-Final 1 of the Individual Grasstrack European Championship was held at Wittstock, in Germany, in front of around 1500 spectators. It was a spectacular meeting with lot of overtakes and in really nice, sunny weather. Considering that the meeting was taken over on short notice, the organisation was smooth and well prepared and the event had a duration of 2 h 12 min. The track was well prepared and all the riders had a good chance to qualify for the final round in Tayac (France) – which was possible only for the first 9 riders.

In most of the races there was tight fight and the final positions were not defined until the chequered flag.
The winner was Josef Franc from Czech Republic ahead of Mathieu Tressarrieu, and Dimitri Berge, both from France.

Behind them, the 4th place went to Romano Hummel ahead of Max Dilger, 6th position for Stephane Tressarieu, 7th place for Henry Van der Steen ahead of Stephen Katt and Hynek Stichauer, who was the last qualified rider.
The reserve rider for Tayac Final is Richard Hall.
Photos © Bahnsport Fotos Ubbo Bandy



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