EMX65, EMX85 and Women’s Championship at Esbjerg (Denmark) – Day 2

The first round of the EMX 65/65 European Championship of North West Zone an d t heEMX Women was held in Dennmark on the sandy track of Esbjerg. The weather onSunday was very good. It was cloudy with a temperature of around 12 degrees. The track was very well prepared and all riders were looking forward to exciting races.
EMX85 – In Race1, Dutch Kay de Wolf was able to achieve the first place. In second place followed Belgian Liam Everts ahead of Tobias Caprani from Denmark.
In Race2 DutchKay De Wolf prevailed again ahead of Kay Karssemakers from The Netherlands and of Liam Everts from Belgium.
The overall was Kay de Wolf in front of Liam Everts and Kay Karssemakers.

EMX65 – Race1 was won by a female rider from the Netherlands, Lotte Van Drunen. In second place Dutch Bradley Mesters ahead of Anton Isaksson from Sweden.
In Race2, first place for Damian Knuiman from the Netherlands ahead of Czech Vitezslav Marek and of female rider Lotte van Drunen.
The overall winner was Lotte van Drunen ahead of Bradly Mesters and Damian Knuiman.

EMX Women – The overall winner of the EMX Women class was Shana Van Der Vlist from t he Netherlands, ahead of Sara Andersen from Denmark and Mat hea Selebo from Norway.
The next race of the European Championship EMX 65/85 will be held in Vantaa, Finland on 19-20 May and the next race of the EMX Women will be held in Dreetz, Germany on 2-3 June.
Full results on FIM Europe website:

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