EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship South East zone and EMX Open European Championship: it’s time for Bulgaria

EMX 65 / EMX 85 European Championship South East zone
and EMX Open European Championship: it’s time for Bulgaria

Troyan, Bulgaria, hosted the second round of SE Zone EMX65/85 and first round of EMX OPEN starts.

EMX 85

Tecsi Laslo was fastest on the start, followed by Marius Popovici, Hristan Georgiev and Luka Kunic. Soon Tecsi had a solitary race until the finish line. Luka Kunic made pressure to Marious Popovici fihting for the third place in front Hristan Georgiev, who managed to make a gap and getting the second position. Winner of Q-Race was Tecsi in front of Georgiev and Popovici.

At the beginning Luka Kunic lead the race, but soon Laszlo Tecsi took the first position. Behind Luka Kunis was second followed by Hristian Georgiev and Marius Popovichi, fighting for third place. Leader Tecsi made a mistake losing the first position. At the end Kunic won, Georgiev finished second and Laszlo Tecsi third.

Laszlo Tecsi and Luka Kunic dominated Race 2 too. Tecsi won in front of Kunic: behind Marius Popovici and Hristian Georgiev fought for the third position but Popovici got the jump on Georgiev.

Overall classification:
1. Luka Kunic
2. Laszlo Tecsi
3. Hristian Georgiev


EMX 65

Vencislav Toshev won in front of Ferenc Orlov, followed by Casey Tzemach, Miroslav Dimitrov and Adam Horvath. At the end of lap one Casey Tzemach overtook Toshew and took the lead. Dimitrov started to push on Toshev and managed to overtake him. Behind, Horvath tried to get the third place. Tzemach finished first in front of Dimitrov and Toshev.

Riders in smallest class present great spirit in Race 1.
Casy Tzemach won the home race. Ferenc Orlov got a secure second, while Miroslav Dimitrov and Adam Horvath fought for the third. In last laps Horvath overtook Dimitrov.

Casy Tzemach was once the fastest rider.
Adam Horvath was fastest on the start but Tzemach overtook him at the end lap 1. Horvat raced safe on second position in front of Miroslav Dimitrov.

Overall classification:
1. Casey Tzemach
2. Adam Horvath
3. Miroslav Dimitrov



Michael Ivanov let no surprise at his home track. He won followed by Martin Michek. Third was WC MX2 rider Jan Pancar.

Race 1
Local rider Michael Ivanovs took the lead in his home race and won with a good gap. Behind him Jan Pancar and Martin Michek fought for the second place. Pancar overtook Michek at half race.

Race 2
Race 2 was like Race 1. Local rider Michael Ivanov won and behind again the fight between Jan Pancar and Martin Michek for the second place. At the end Pancar was second and Michek finished third.

Overall classification:
1. Michael Ivanov
2. Jan Pancar
3. Matin Michek