EMX 65 and 85 SE Zone and Open at Globare (Serbia) – Day 2

EMX 85
Hungarian rider Pergel Bence lead from start to finish to win in Race 1. He was followed by Croatian rider Luka Kunic and Marios Kanakis from Greece. The same podium was repeated in race2.
The overall winner of the day is Bence Pergel ahead of Marios Kanakis and third Patrik Ujcic.
Overall SE Zone winner is Patrik Ujcic, second is Luka Kunič, third Bence Pergel.

EMX 65
Israelian Ofir Casey Tzemach did the hole shot and started to lead the race. Soon he made a mistake and finished in last place. Zoltan Ordog took the lead and won Race 1 in front of Dino Loncar and Simun Ivandic.
Simun Ivandic did the hole shot in race 2 and soon created a gap ahead of Zoltan Ordog. Both were followed by Dino Loncar and Ofir Casey Tzemach. Simun Ivandic crashed and all three overtook him. Also Zoltan Ordog made a mistake and finished after Loncar and Tzemach. Dino Loncar won in front of Ofir Casey Tzemach and Zoltan Ordog.
Dino Loncar was the overall winner in front of Zoltan Ordog and Simun Ivandic.
Overall SE Zone winner is Zoltan Ordog, second is Simun Ivandic and third Dino Loncar.
The championship leader Martin Michek did the hole shot and won Race 1. Russian Evgeny Mikhaylov followed close but he didn’t manage to overtake Michek and finished second. Croatian rider Matija Kleava ended the race in third position.
In race 2 Evgeny Mikhaylov and Martin Michek were fighting for the first place. In the end Evgeny Mikhaylov won closely followed by Martin Michek. Croatian Matija Kelava finished third.
The overall winner is Evgeny Mikhaylov, ahead of Martin Michek and Matija Kelava.
The championship winner in EMX Open is Martin Michek with 238 points. Second is Evgeny Mikhaylov with 210 points and Dmyitro Asmanov is third with 179 points.
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