EMX 65 and 85 SE Zone and Open at Mladina (Croatia)

In sunny, hot weather in the Croatian city of Jastrebarsko, on the track of Mladina, the EMX 65/85 SE Zone and EMX OPEN went on stage.
EMX 85
In the qualifying race the Hungarian riders Laszlo Mark and Tecsi Pergel Bence finished ahead of local rider Patrik Ujcic.
In Race 1 Hungarian riders Laszlo Mark Tecsi and Bence Pergel finished in the first two positions ahead of Hungarian Viktor Varro. In Race2 Laszlo Mark Tecsi did the holeshot again and lead the race followed by Bence Pergel, who took the lead when Tecsi crashed. Second position for Viktor Varo ahead of home rider Luka Kunic.
The overall winner is Bence Pergel, ahead of Viktor Varro and Luka Kunic.

EMX 65
In the qualifying race Romanian rider Zoltan Ordog lead from start to finish. Behind him Dino Loncar finished second ahead of Simun Ivandic, both from Croatia.
In Race 1 Zoltan Ordog won after leading from the start. Behind him Adam Horvat and Ofir Casey Tzemach. In Race2 Ferenc Orlov from Hungary did the hole shot but he was soon overtaken by several riders. Zoltan Ordog lead and on the end he finished first.
The overall winner is Zoltan Ordog, ahead of Ofir Casey Tzemach and Simun Ivandic.
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